Testimonial videos are one of the most widely used Lakeland video production concepts. If you have to reintroduce a product or a service to your loyal customers, testimonial videos usually do the trick. Instead of paying someone to show clients how to use the products or why they need that particular service, you can tap your previous clients and ask them to do a little favor for you–tell a camera how much your products helped them in their everyday lives.

In truth, testimonial videos are probably the most essential concept there is. Just look at yourself: how do you decide if you would support an unknown brand? Wouldn’t the decision be easier if the brand’s customers would tell you themselves that the product works? How many videos on Facebook have we seen that use testimonials to entice new clients? Plenty, right?

Potential customers listen

Testimonial videos have been widely used primarily because potential clients believe them. When you indicate the names and the jobs of the ones who are giving the testimonial, that gives the video a certain element of factuality. How can you question someone who already divulged his name, age, and job, after all?

This is why your target market will be better cajoled to subscribe to your products or services when testimonials are used as promotional tools.

Messages are limitless

There’s nothing that these testimonial videos couldn’t say about your products or your company. There can be as many as five people testifying for various aspects of the product and the business. One testimonial can praise the product’s usefulness. The other testimonial can say how good it was to deal with your company. And then, another one can tell potential customers what a value for money your services are.

There is literally hundreds of things they can say about your business and your products. It’s like creating many advertisements for the price of one.

Effective on social media

If you want to test the effectivity of your promotional video, you can test it on social media. Allow it to be a trending video on Facebook and Twitter, so that it can reach people who might be persuaded to support your business. As long as you create a video that has potentialities to be a trending video, you would do very good in promoting your products and services.

A professional Lakeland video production company will give you tips on how to make sure that your video will be effective on social media.