When you think about the workplace, what do you see? Do you see stressed-out employees who have to deal with annoying clients all-day-long? Do you see tensions among workmates? Do you feel the pressure of these people having to meet deadlines and deal with personal issues? Obviously, work-related stress is a primary factor why people get burned out all the time, but do you know that corporate video can alleviate these causes of stress?

Simple. A workplace needs camaraderie from the workers. Instead of the air being permeated with deadlines, client complaints, and human resources issues, an employer should focus on developing the working relationships among his employees. Teamwork and camaraderie will make the workplace a much better place to spend time in and finish the work.

Here are some ways how you can achieve that destressing feeling by using corporate videos:

Let your workers compete with each other

Believe it or not but even in-house competition is a good thing. Just make sure that all is kept healthy and fair. Let your employees create the “best” corporate video by using some of the company policies that everyone needs to know.

This is a particularly good idea if you have lots of new hires. They can learn to get along with their workmates as they produce a video production about the different aspects of the company.

Let your workers create a video for their presentations

Stop the boring presentations and meetings. Ask your employees to create a video of what they want to present to you. This will help the investors and the board of members better understand the concept that we’re working on.

Creating a video means the employees need to find the perfect way to explain the principles and concepts of what they are working on. After which, you can easily judge the best video presentation and provide a reward—cash, water, food, and so much more.

Let your workers hone and boost their creative juices

If you have the photo and video equipment in your little green room, then that means you are heavily invested in this. However, don’t let your workers’ creative juices just rot away. Allow them, with permission, to borrow the equipment and make their own videos for personal consumption.

Who knows? You may just find a real talent that you can promote or bring to other levels of the company. As long as the “rental” of the equipment is properly recorded, the risk falls on the civilian and not on the company owner.