How do you turn your passion as a videographer into an actual, profitable, and sustainable income channel? How can you pay your bills with this passion? Can you leave your 8-to-5 job and be a full-time freelance videographer already? Do video production companies pay their videographers good money for a stable income flow?

There are basically two things you need to remember when generating income from being a videographer: passive income and active income. Passive income is when you only need to set up the video once and payments happen without your direct daily involvement. Active income is when the payments being made directly to you are related to the amount of work you put in.

You can make passive income through two popular methods: filmmaking and online course tutorial. If you like making films but cannot find distributors to sell your featured film, don’t worry there is still hope. Distributors take about 20 percent of the film’s profit and they often change the story, the editing, and even the musical scoring to get more people to watch it.

By the end of post-production, the film is not really your film anymore. Forget about finding distributors. Why not sell your film independently? Some people love watching films made by independent artists. Charge viewers every time they download your film. Just make sure your film is copyright-protected.

If you consider yourself an expert in video production, maybe some people can learn from you. Start by uploading a small teaser of what you can teach them when they pay for your online course.

All you really have to do is film yourself teaching your clients how to shoot or edit a video. They will have to pay for every lesson they want to download. The best thing about this is that you only really have to do it once and people will pay for every lecture they want to watch.

Once your passive income generators are uploaded on the internet, you can then focus on supplementing that income with the money you get from actively pursuing your passion. You can then make yourself available for hire for weddings, debuts, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties, product launches, commercials, etc.

When trying to market yourself as a wedding videographer, for example, you have to be visible to your target audience. Prepare a portfolio that will showcase the work you have done in the past, as well as highlight your skills as a videographer. Make this portfolio available on social media so your target market will get to see your talent in video-making.