Aerial photography is something that is quickly becoming a commonplace thing in the world of photography nowadays. Drone technology is something that is becoming more easily available to commercial users, which allows more users to enter the industry and widening the scope of how aerial photography and technology can be used. From DSLRs to the re-emergence of Polaroids, and now drones, more and more people are joining in the drone revolution.

More companies have begun using drone photography in their marketing strategies. And for good reason, drone technology provides a different layer of perspective on even the simplest scenes. Aerial photography and videography is extremely beneficial for certain industries, which makes it a valuable tool for any photography business. If you’re considering using drone photography and videography in your marketing, here are some things that you need to consider.

Your industry

As we’ve mentioned before, there are specific industries that benefit more from the usage of drone technology. Specifically, these are industries that showcase more outdoors shots, such as the real estate industry. This is one example that would really benefit from the drone perspective. Using drones to take aerial shots of commercial and residential buildings can really provide a more complete and interesting look at a property which may potentially boost sales.

Other industries that may benefit from drone tech include: tourism industries, events planning industries, and agricultural industries, to name a few. Make sure that your industry will benefit from drone photography. Some industries do not do well with drone photography, and may end up a waste of resources, such as academic and the banking industries.

Consider the kind of shots that you want to take

If your industry will benefit from aerial photography, the next step is to consider what kind of shots that you want to take for your marketing. If you find yourself constantly needing to take shots from a higher angle, or needing a wider scale shot, then try looking into drone tech to make these processes easier.

Think about whether or not using drone technology in marketing is a one time thing or not

If you’re considering using drone tech in your marketing, you may be faced with the dilemma of choosing to purchase an in-house drone for your aerial shots, or hiring a professional photographer to handle these shots for you. To make this decision, you have to consider your marketing budget and weigh it against the frequency of using this kind of tech for your marketing needs.