Drone photography is a something that has been growing in popularity for commercial and casual photographers. If you’ve ever seen the final product of an aerial photography session, then you understand why this is. Using drone technology provides a brand new outlook on scenes that have been seen over and over again. Because of its popularity and unique perspective, more companies and businesses are choosing to hire professional drone photographers to take aerial shots of their business and products.

There are plenty of benefits to using drone photography for your company, especially for marketing purposes. However, there are some serious downsides that you need to consider if you’re planning on using aerial photography full-time or hiring a professional photographer to handle your aerial shots. Here are some pros and cons to using drone photography.


As mentioned before, drone photography has grown in popularity because it provides a new perspective on everyday scenes, which appeals significantly to plenty of people. Photographers are interested in drone tech because it gives them the chance to use a completely different medium for their usual photography styles.

One of the biggest pros for drone tech is that is it allows photographers access to locations that would have been difficult to reach in the first place, like cliffs that are difficult to climb, or thickets that are hard to maneuver in.

Another great reason why drone photography has become so popular is that it has a very affordable entry point of access, which means that anybody can purchase a drone and get into drone photography is they wish to do so. And of course, taking an aerial view of an otherwise common location provides an layer of perspective that would be difficult to replicate without the needed tools.


While drones are great, they’re not perfect, and you need to take these points into serious consideration if you’re looking into aerial photography as a full-time thing, or as a marketing option for your company.

The first point to consider is that there are certain legal requirements that you have to comply with in order to fly drones for commercial purposes. You need to register your drone, take a pilot’s examination, and become licensed in order for you to market your skills as a commercial drone photographer.

Another thing to consider is that while drone tech is affordable, the add-ons and accessories that you might need to purchase in order to have a well-rounded set of tools for a professional drone pilot. These may include: spare propellers, spare batteries, and a GPS tracker.