Corporate video has always been something that not too many people are too excited for. After all, it’s not as exciting as say, a full blown film feature, or a star-studded blockbuster.

When somebody mentions the words corporate video, they tend to be viewed as boring and bland, which is why not many people choose to have a corporate video. However, it is possible to break from the super professional mold that seems to be attached to company videos, and do something interesting with it.

Most people view company videos as something that always needs to be formal, and all follow the same format. There are actually plenty of ways to shoot a company video, and numerous ways to use them. If you’re considering a company video for your business, here are a few different types of company videos and how to use them to your advantage.


Commercials are a great way of appealing to a more general audience, instead of an audience that are experts on your industry. These are typically short videos, and don’t require too much of a budget to get going. In order to make a great impact with a commercial, you have to rely on great storytelling in order make your video more appealing to a general audience.


Promotional videos are quite similar to commercials, in the sense that they are meant to appeal to a wider audience. Promotional videos typically showcase the company’s products and services. Using a more conversational tone is the norm here, as these videos can be used to sell products to interested customers, as well as be shared on social media.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are great for adding what we call “social proof” to your company profile. Social proof are customer testimonials, product reviews, and blog reviews, to name just a few. These help validate the authenticity and quality of a company’s products and services by talking about their personal experiences with the company and their products. Customers are more likely to purchase from companies with good social proof, so make sure that your customer testimonials are well made, and showcase what your company can do for your customers.

Training Videos

Training videos are an extremely efficient way of training new employees. Because video is a very effective way of retaining information, training videos can be used to bypass hours of training manuals in order to help new staff members learn more efficiently.