A corporate video is a great way to connect with your customers and provide them with an interesting new perspective on your company. These can also be used to recruit new talent and enticing potential employees to apply at your company. However, some people consider corporate videos as ineffective, and they get a bad reputation for being stiff and boring. While some people think this is true, many large companies still produce and release corporate videos to the public, with great success.

As long as you use the right tone, hire the right video production firm, and market it to the right audience, you can come up with a corporate video that is bound to get attention. One of the factors that can make or break your company video is the video style that you choose to go with. You don’t have to settle for a video style that follows the mold of monotone, interview-type video styles. Go with a video style that best represents your company and what best appeals to your target audience. Here are some video styles that you can consider.


While serious seems like a negative thing, especially when you’re worried about coming off as too boring, as long as you pull it off right, serious can be a good mood for a corporate video. This works especially well for companies that customers need to put a lot of trust in, like banks. Serious company videos can be rather traditional, but this is a very straightforward way of conveying your company’s goals and environment in an efficient manner.


Funny company videos are always a delight to produce and watch at the same time. The key here is to not go overboard with the humor, as some people may find it a bit excessive. This type of company video style works especially well for smaller companies, like startups and tech companies. These appeal significantly to a younger generation, as they prefer working in an environment that shows them that they can have some fun event while working.


These types of corporate videos do an excellent job of connecting with viewers on a human level, which is a great image for the company. These types of videos work especially well with companies that have a level of personal interaction with their customers, like healthcare and insurance companies. These are industries that customers have to connect with on a personal level for them to trust them.


These inspiring videos work well for companies that are looking to attract top talent to work at their company. This corporate video styles places emphasis on motivation and getting a jump start on what will be a long and fruitful career.