There’s a reason why companies decide to use short videos to introduce what they are and what they can do. We are sure you have encountered a company website that uses a short Lakeland video production on their homepage. There is a reason why these videos are being utilized to promote a brand and increase a company’s sales.

And they’re just not on websites. These are also being uploaded on social media networks and on the company’s personal pages.

Here are the perks of using short videos for your site:

They retain the interest and attention of customers

Unfortunately, the presence of fast-processing smartphones and the internet today mean people are obsessively short-tempered. They don’t have much patience about reading long blog posts about how a product works. They rarely read articles about new companies in the neighborhood. They want the information fast and they want it right now.

That’s what this minute-long videos offer. In one minute, you can introduce your company or show how a product works to your potential customers. It also has the ability to hold these clients’ attention since you only need a minute of their lives to get your message across.

They increase your brand’s online presence

People naturally gravitate towards videos. We are more likely to watch a video than read a newspaper article, right? That’s why books are turned into films if the author, especially, want to increase awareness for his story.

It is also more likely for your website to get more “hits” when you have a short video on your homepage or your landing page. Google gives more points to websites with videos, so your site has a better chance of appearing on Google’s first page. In turn, those who are searching for your products or services will more probably click on your link than others.

They let you communicate easily

Isn’t it easier to talk to a friend rather than send him a lengthy message? That’s the same with explaining how a product works. Rather than use graphs, charts and photos to illustrate your point, why not simply have a Lakeland video production company create a short video for you.

Explaining how to cook baked penne, for example, would only take about 5 minutes. To put that on paper, you would have to spend at least 20 minutes writing it while the readers would go over 500 words worth of a recipe you could have explained in less than 5 minutes.

They conform to the studies

As a business owner, you must be aware that a study recently found out that 78 percent of mobile users watch a video at least once a week while 55 percent watch it every day. This is enough proof that videos are the future of marketing strategies.

YouTube alone has 4 billion views per day. This means videos are being watched today more than they were in the past years. Now is the perfect time to add a short video on your website.