An actor is a crucial part of a Lakeland video production, may it be a large- or small-scale production. Finding potential actors can take a lot of work, and you should have the right contacts in order to tap real talents. When it comes to looking for actors, the most practical way is to hold an audition or set up a casting call.

For example, you are doing a corporate video to promote a new product or to show customers how a particular product works. You definitely need someone who can showcase the features of the product, and that actor needs to convince others to purchase the items. In order to find this actor, you need a casting call that will be featured in all the right places.

Decide on a venue

Are you going to use your own office space or are you renting out another location? Make sure that you have checked the rooms if they are satisfactory. If you conduct the audition in your own office, that means it would have to be in a day where there is no office work. So, probably the weekends? It’s actually very realistic and practical to hold auditions during weekends because that’s when potential actors have time to try for a role.

If you are renting another space, the first question is do you have the budget for that? Remember, you are already paying a video production company for this video and that will cost a lot.

Advertise the audition

If this is a small-scale production, simply post an ad on the bulletin boards of local government agencies in your neighborhood. If there is a local theater there, you can also post an ad there, so transpiring actors can check out if they can try playing the role.

Choose the audition scene

If it’s an instructional video, simply allow the actors to show how they will highlight the features of the products. If it’s a short skit detailing why your company’s service is needed, then let the actor run through a scene. Whatever you do, don’t forget the important thing about this casting call—to find the best person who can advertise your products and services convincingly.

Have a strict schedule

Give the actors different timeslots for their auditions, but make sure they have enough time to correct their mistakes and do the audition scene in a couple of different ways. Also, make sure that they have filled up an information sheet, so you know where and how to contact them as soon as you have decided who will star in your Lakeland video production.