Lakeland drone videography and photography is not a new idea to the production industry. In fact, it is one of the most popular mediums in the production industry today.

Using drone technology has allowed photographers and videographers to have the opportunity to capture certain scenes that would have been impossible to do with traditional camera gear.

Because of the rise in popularity of drone services, there are plenty of casual enthusiasts, and more and more people are looking to hire drone services companies to document their events or create videos using drone footage.

This has also led to more and more production companies offering drone services to help meet the demand for these services. However, with the numerous drone services companies out there, how do you choose the right Lakeland video production company for your videography needs?

Here are three things that you need to consider before you choose a drone videography company.

Consider the date and time you need them

Of course, you need to provide the company with a deadline for when you need the video, but you should also make sure that you learn how to be flexible with filming dates and times, especially if you’re going to be a part of the video.

The reason behind this is that drones have to be flown outdoors, especially the larger ones that are commonly used in commercial drone videos. This means that your drone flight schedule will rely significantly on how the weather is looking on that day and time.

Always keep an open mind when it comes to scheduling your drone flight, especially if you’re looking to get the best quality drone footage possible.

Look into what kind of shots you want for your video

If you’re hiring a professional Lakeland drone videography company to handle your video shoot, then you can definitely rest easy knowing that your drone videography needs are going to be handled by a professional.

However, you might have a specific look or certain shots that you want to be included in your drone footage, so try to look at some drone videos beforehand so that you know what kind of shots you want for your own drone video. This helps speed up the planning process for your drone video.

Pay for post-production

When you hire a professional Lakeland drone videography company, you are paying for much more than just the drone and the pilot.

You are also paying for the expertise that a professional drone services company can provide you. Not only that, but you’re also paying for their ability to clean and edit the RAW step that you get from filming.

It might seem expensive but always pay for post-production. This is the step where your video is going to be cleaned up and put together to tell the narrative that you’re trying to tell.