Company: iCitySpy

Project Scope: Each week we bring the talent into the studio for Green Screen also known as Chroma Key video production. iCitySpy produces a weekly “Event Update” as well as other random updates to incorporate on their website, YouTube page and for marketing purposes on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.

By utilizing Green Screen it allows them to save on travel and production costs, there are never weather issues, and the overall budget is fractions of an on-site shoot.

Most of these videos are designed to be 2-3 minutes in final length at the most and usually the post editing, and uploading to all the above mentioned locations can all be done on the same day.

If you’re looking for the most cost effective way to get your message out while still looking professional you need to ask us about this technique.

Call the video production professionals at BrightSky Video Production today to get the conversation started to see if Green Screen could be a great part of your marketing toolbox.