Company: American Garden Perlite

Project Scope: American Garden Perlite, based in Lake Wales, Fl is a producer of quality perlite. Perlite is used in agriculture, construction, fire proofing and many other applications. View their website to learn more about this amazing product.

When American Garden Perlite was building their plant in Lake Wales they contact BrightSky Web Design to develop their website and help them create marketing materials, business cards, etc. Out of this relationship the discovery of a company overview video was discussed and put into motion.

American Garden Perlite regularly attends industry trade shows and they wanted a quality video not only on their website but also playing in the background of the trade show booths. It’s a great way to tell their story, showing how the product is made, packaged and used in a non-pressure enjoyable manner.

A video on your website is a salesperson that never sleeps. When clicked it tells your story in exactly the order and tone you desire.

You owe it to yourself to contact BrightSky Web Design Video Production to find out how powerful a video can be and that it’s now affordable to businesses of all sizes.