Got a business you need aerial photos for? Planning a wedding and want to hire an aerial photography expert? Want to capture the landscape as you say your I do’s?

It’s no secret that aerial photos and videos are considered “da bomb” these days. These photos and videos are ubiquitous on social media and they receive the highest number of shares and likes, especially if they show gorgeous landscapes like a Swiss village from above.

Aerial photography, however, is not exactly cheap. If you want a service like this either for personal or professional use, you would have to shell out a lot of money. Why you ask? Why do these photographers cost much more than traditional photographers?

Here is the simple answer: this is trendy and this will cost more. There’s a more complicated answer and it involves knowing the skill level needed for this service and the kind of technical equipment these photographers use to get the shot you want.

A photographer can charge as low as $200 per hour to $5,000 per session like a wedding. Special occasions such as birthdays, engagements, weddings, and anniversaries cost more than a business service package.

Businesses can find photographers that charge only $200 for six to 10 shots at a single site. You would be able to access the photos via download from Google Drive, for example.

Special occasions photography services cost higher because the photos would have to be processed and edited. Some would even prefer to print the edited photos and make a nice layout for a hardbound leather album.

Skill level

An aerial photographer is different from someone who takes photos of you in a photo studio. In a studio, everything can be manipulated. The lighting is put in a specific setting and there is equipment to make everything perfect.

This is not the same when the setting is outdoor and photographers need to deal with weather and lighting conditions. Not to mention that this photographer would also need to fly a drone while he’s looking at his monitor to capture the perfect shot.

This skill level will cost more than the fees of photographers who stay inside the studio. It’s not that studio photographers are less important, but aerial photographers developed their skills to follow the current trend. That should amount to something.

Aside from the skill level, aerial photography also requires the use of drones, blimps, helicopters, kites, fixed-wing aircraft, and planes. All of these will amount to a big chunk of money.