Whether you are a startup company or an existing one with a solid customer base, if you want to expand your photography and videography business, you would need money from investors.

These are people who believe not only in the usefulness and the profitability of your business but in your attitude towards managing and running that said business.

Searching for investors will require a lot of time, money, patience, and energy. You need to be resourceful and use your money and time wisely to reach your goals.

Create a realistic business plan

The one thing that business owners don’t understand about attracting investors is they want to hear about your company’s problems. Investors know that there is no perfect business.

There are always issues that affect the run of that business. They want to know that so they would also be able to determine if you can handle it. Create a business plan that is not perfect, but realistic.

Create a plan that would specifically try to find solutions to existing and persisting issues in the photography and videorgaphy business. Then, your investors would know you are not just some googly-eyed business owner who thinks his creation is perfect and nothing can touch it.

Get to know your potential investors

Stalk them on social media. Connect with them through LinkedIn. Read articles about them. Brush up on current trends that may be of particular interest to them.

Getting to know your potential investors would help you focus on who to invite, whose goals are similar to yours, and who have invested in a similar company before. Knowing all of this information would give you a good shortlist of which people to invite.

Use social media

This is an absolutely critical trick to attracting investors. They need to know that you have a good grasp of social media and that you can use it to the advantage of your photography and videography business. Having good social media skills will go a long way towards piquing the interest of investors.

The litmus test of every business today is social media. If you cannot use social media to promote your business and attract customers, you will also fail to make your business a sound investment decision.

Practice your pitch

Aside from creating a great pitch, you need to practice it as much as you can before the big day. Practice with your parents, your friends, or even your dog. Make sure you’ve memorized this pitch and know it by heart. If there’s one thing potential investors hate, it’s a good business with a bad pitch.