Finding a Lakeland video production takes a lot of time because there are many considerations that have to be made. Aside from the budget and time constraint, we also want to make sure that we’re choosing the very best in the industry. But, how would you know that you’re negotiating with the real deal here? It’s not like companies would admit that they are bogus or that they have insufficient experience handling video productions.

Here’s how you would know you are hiring a professional and an expert:


You would know by the way the company representative talks to you that you’re dealing with the experts here. The creative team won’t be the one to convince you to hire them. Instead, they wait for customers to come to them because their reputation precedes them. You will see it in the way they conduct the meeting with you, the questions that they ask, and how they deal with you generally. It is important that you know the signs of a company that has handled a lot of the same projects you need help for.

Professional history

Do they have a bad reputation in the industry? We once encountered a supplier who was recommended by celebrities and by so-called experts only to find out they are outsourcing their creative team. You don’t actually get a videographer or an editor trained by the company you hired. Instead, they have a pool of people who they tap when there’s a project to be made. There’s no identity in what they make, and the talents of their people range from excellent to very poor (you’re lucky if you got the “good” group).

Recommendations and reviews

Ask for recommendations and suggestions from your friends who hired similar companies in the past. Maybe you cousin just opened a business? Who did she hire for their videos and photos? Were they any good? What was your cousin’s reaction to their work? If you do not know anyone you can ask, you can instead seek reviews on the internet. People there have a lot to say when it comes to hiring service suppliers.


You need to see the previous works of the company you are hiring. What have they made in the past? What were their backgrounds? Try to make time to watch the previous videos they made, so you can pinpoint if this is the company for you.