While there are many so-called drone photography experts out there in social media, there are truly only a few photographers that we can trust with a drone and aerial images. Most of them are employed by big media companies while some are working as freelance but are booked until the end of the year or up to next year.

The key to finding a photographer that you can work with harmoniously is to meet with them. Don’t be content with seeing their work on Facebook or your email.

Don’t be satisfied with informal conversations on Messenger. Find a way to meet this person and see for yourself if his attitude and behavior will bring about the goals of your project.

Ask your industry friends

If you’re in the real estate industry, for example, ask your friends from another company if they have employed a drone photographer and if they can recommend him.

Though some think it’s a cut-throat industry and we’re constantly on each other’s back, the truth is, we love helping each other whether it’s a friend or a competitor.

Hang around online forums

Do you know where best to find these photographers? Not on social media, but in online forums like Slack channels.

These drone photography enthusiasts gather around these online communities to share their ideas about the industry, ask for recommendations, learn from each other, and exchange experiences and learnings. This is where you can get the most honest recommendation for an aerial photographer.

Look through professional websites

If the photographer you shortlisted has no professional website, forget about him. If they are truly an expert in this field, they would have a website that publishes their works and the testimonials of past customers about them.

The best way to find a photographer for your project is to do a local Google search and click on the links on the first page of the results.

This means that there are engagements in these websites, which should signal that these sites are updated with the latest information about the photographers and their works.

Use social media to your advantage

How about a little crowdsourcing post? You can post on Facebook asking for recommendations and hopefully, someone in your network knows someone who can do justice to your project.

Don’t fret about not receiving any response on Facebook. You can also be a little creative, use hashtags, and make your post public. Who knows? Maybe someone in the industry will find your post and will reply to your needs.