People have a lot of questions about aerial photography —the cameras being used, the composition of the images, the drone accessories, etc. But above all, what they are curious about is earning a profit from this “hobby” or “passion.”

They want to know how profitable being a photographer can be. The answer is quite complicated since earning from this skill is a combination of luck, opportunity, and skills.

If you are skillful and have made a name for yourself in the industry, clients will come in droves. If you are lucky and you managed to snag a big-time company, more people will get to know your company and be interested because you handled a massive account.

Even if you got an opportunity to pursue your dreams, it is no guarantee that photography will be profitable. You may have the capital but you will have to do the work to attract clients.

But there are surefire tricks to keep your photography business afloat. Read them right here:

Use social media

Practically everyone—including your grandparents—has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat account. People don’t use social media only to connect with each other.

They use it to find business opportunities and companies whose services they might need in the future. Post your best images on social media so people will see how serious you are about pursuing this craft.

That being said, join Facebook groups, online communities, and Slack channels where you can share your work, learn more about the trade, and exchange ideas and experiences with like-minded people.

Find a niche

Don’t be an all-around photographer. Focus on one or two niches. Whether it’s real estate, events, weddings, or something else completely, focus on that and be an expert in that field. Maybe your market won’t be as big but you will be able to move inside an industry that is not saturated by generic photographers.

Post testimonies about your work

Posting your work will bring in more customers and they will know that your business is growing. But how will they know that you’re doing the best work in your field?

You should post testimonies from your past clients. Make sure they are aware you’ll be posting the conversation so you won’t run into issues in the future.

You should also ask your clients to recommend you to their friends and their network. By simply sharing your aerial photography work on their Facebook news feed, you will be getting a lot of looks, shares, and even inquiries.