Animated videos are not just those Lakeland video production we see in movies. They are more than just great entertainment for kids. There’s something about animated videos that became a good marketing strategy throughout the years. Now, we see these videos in websites and social media being used to sell products and services.

But why really are animated videos great marketing strategies?

Eye-catching and attention-grabbing

Animations use bright colors, uncomplicated lines and constant movements to keep the interest of viewers in check. While you’re browsing a social media account, it becomes so easy to stop at an animated video because it’s interesting and it’s different than the other videos we usually see.

Easy to understand

Animated videos can inform in a simple and direct manner. There are no complicated explanations with animated videos. You can even include graphs and charts, and they won’t be boring because there is an accompanying audio that explains what they are.

Appeals to everyone

Many aspects of the internet are targeted to a specific race, religion or demographic. The animated videos do not discriminate. It appeals to everyone–the young and adult alike. It can be understood by all nationalities, and it didn’t even need to use a specific language.

As the internet becomes a marketplace, you’ll want your business to reach and appeal to everybody, regardless of where they come from.


Animated videos can be used to explain both a complicated or simple issue. Most people think that these videos are not enough to explain serious matters. But the truth is, these serious issues become easily accessible and understandable to others when explained through an animated video. It also becomes less intimidating.

You probably noticed that the Hollywood film Argo used animation to explain the history and politics of war.

Great for brand development

Animated videos use color schemes, logos and brand images. These are incorporated into your business’ brand. It allows you to build a recurring theme for your business through these colors and images.

Even if you needed to create different advertising campaigns, you can still use the same themes because animation discriminates nothing when it comes to design and style.

Lakeland video production companies can make great animated videos for your business. They have wide experience in this field, and can even suggest the incorporation of graphics and charts into your company’s videos. Whether for their interesting concept or their non-discriminating appeal, animated videos are now one of the most effective marketing strategies.