Today’s digital world has put the academic world in a limbo. On one hand, students are more creative than ever and they allow this creativity to reflect on their school works through video production outputs.

Teachers are also encouraged to use videos to make the learning process more fun. And yet, students (and even teachers) are distracted by the constant barrage of digital media. Students check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts even when they are in the classroom.

Certainly, this behavior has forever changed how we communicate with each other and how we use videos to bring out the creativity in us. If you are a student or a teacher, you should always look for ways to integrate videos into the curriculum and the classroom environment.

So, how do we make a video production for school?

Learn the lesson and identify the elements you can use for the video

Every lecture has certain elements that you can use for the video. For example, you are learning about the bullet theory of communication. Once you have identified the important aspects of the theory, you can begin making a plan for the video.

Remember that essentially, what your video is trying to do is communicate the lessons learned in class. You are simply making it easier to understand by incorporating visual representations into the theory. The goal is to show your teachers what you have learned and to make your peers better understand the concept.

Make a plan for the video

Once you have identified the elements and the aspects of the lessons you want to incorporate into the video, you need to make a plan on how to make the video.

That includes the concept of the video and the schedule of how you are going to go about it. Since there’s a deadline when the project should be submitted, you need to make sure you have enough time to finish shooting and editing it.

Ready your equipment

What equipment are you going to use? Do you have a high-quality camera that you can use? You can use your smartphone and simply edit the videos using the iMovie app on your iPhone or similar apps.

That’s the great thing about today’s technology. The power is literally in your hands as you can shoot everything and anything under the sun using only your trusty smartphone and the apps installed in it.