Have you ever watched a silent film? If you have, did you enjoy it? Were you able to understand it easily and clearly? Now, try and watch an action film again and imagine it without the sounds of guns, rushing cars, bombs, etc. Would it still be exciting to you? The reason why we need sound effects in movies is because we need to complete the impact of the film. Without sounds, it’s all merely visual, and yet the picture will never be complete. This is more clearly true in Lakeland video production for advertisements.

Because we only have about a minute or two to make our case to our potential customers and push them into buying our products and services, we need to be able to use those whole minutes efficiently.

That means there is no room for mistakes nor for misunderstandings. In two minutes top, you have to be able to convey your message clearly and urge your customers to support your company. There is no instance in those two minutes that can be shrugged off. Every millisecond counts, so it means all the graphics, sound effects and animations must do their parts.

Sets the mood

Even before you see the Lakeland video production, the music or sound effects can already set the mood for you. Remember that sometimes, these ads don’t play while you’re in front of the screen. There are instances when you’re away and cooking or talking on the phone when these ads start to play.

The music and sound effects are important because this could be the first part that will catch your attention. A customer can easily be seduced by a video when he/she is familiar with the music used or when the sound effects are too attention-grabbing to ignore.

A video about a fastfood restaurant will use that business’ jingle. This makes it easy for the client to recognize what it is. A video for cars can use the sound effects of revving engines or tires screeching. It can even use music from popular car shows and movies.

Highlights the vital parts

The sound effects can put more emphasis on the important details of the video. If you are selling a product, then a different sound could be used when you announce the price, especially when there are great discounts.

It can also make a “surprise” sound effect if you’re including a freebie in the purchase.