If you have sought advice from a PR relations company, you might have heard something about a behind-the-scenes Lakeland video production of your company? Yes, we know your business isn’t a movie or a music video, but let us make our case here.

A behind-the-scenes video would help personalize your company and bring it closer to your intended audience. Instead of seemingly being aloof and distant from your customers, a video like this would humanize your company. It can also be a chance for you to showcase what you’re doing in office and how it’s operating.

Do you know why many people are so interested in working at Google? Aside from the fact that it’s Google, they opened their doors to everyone when they let us glimpse what their office lives are–cool and engaging spaces, a drink-all-you-can, eat-all-you-can coffee and pastry corner, and an activity room where a PS4, Xbox, billiards, etc. are available for their employees.

They also produced a video of what’s it like to be a part of the company, making us all wonder why couldn’t all employers be like the Google owners, right?

That is exactly the same thing that a Lakeland video production can do for your business–make customers interested enough to research about you, and once they found out you’re an awesome boss, they’ll want to support your products.

Here are some other reasons why a behind-the-scenes video can be beneficial for your company:

It will show efficiency

Seldom can a customer tell how efficient a company is unless he/she already entered into an agreement with it or bought one of their products. The video will allow those who haven’t decided to go along with your company to see how efficient you are in what you do.

If you are offering financial services, the video will let potential clients see how you work, where you’re getting the information, how you process the information, how you deal with clients, and how a day goes by in your company. It is important that a client sees for himself the inner workings of your company. After all, that client is trusting you to give him/her quality service and products.

It will highlight strengths

Just like with Google, you can show why your company is a cut above the rest. What makes you stand out from all the other companies in the same industry? What kind of working environment have you created for your employees?

All of these can play an important role in your client’s decision to choose your company.