Like stock photography, stock videos tend to be looked at with some level of disdain by a number of professionals in the Lakeland video production industry. This is because plenty of video production professionals look at a stock video as a sort of shortcut that “true” professionals shouldn’t be taking.

However, stock video footage can make a world of difference for you and your video production, even if it’s footage that you didn’t shoot yourself. In fact, there are plenty of production companies out there that use stock video footage to help enhance their video production footage.

Here are some ways that stock footage can work for your Lakeland video production.

It saves time

Of course, the number one benefit of using stock footage for video production is the simple fact that it saves plenty of time for your production. Deadlines for a video project are not a new concept in video production, which is why the use of stock footage can be so useful.

If you have shots that can be easily subbed for stock footage, then this will save your production plenty of time, in the long run, to focus on the more important shots of the production.

It saves your production money

It’s no secret that video production isn’t cheap. While it would be great to have a huge budget for every video project that we take on, it will always be something that we can’t control.

So if you’re dealing with a limited budget for your production, then you will have to look for ways to stretch your budget to deliver the kind of work that your client needs from you.

Stock footage is a low-cost way of getting good-quality footage, which can go a long way in helping save your production money which can be used for other aspects of the production.

It’s good for last-minute scenarios

If you’ve ever worked on a Lakeland video production, you may already be familiar with some of the horror stories of last-minute production disasters. Corrupted files, damaged drives, and cards, these are all very real possibilities when working on video production. Fortunately, stock footage can do very well in just a pinch to help you make up some of the lost footage.

It works for classic shots

Finally, there is just no denying the fact that some video shots don’t really need to be shot by you. If you have certain classic shots in your Lakeland video production that don’t have any of your cast in it, or if you need shots that are impossible to shoot yourselves, then stock footage is the right way to go.

The versatility and cost-effectiveness of stock footage are what makes it a very popular and valuable tool in the video production industry.