What did you notice about today’s business environment? It doesn’t matter how big of a company you are these days. You have to make an effort to be present on social media, whether you’re a tech-savvy business or not. People expect you to be on Facebook and especially, on Instagram. They want to know what you are offering, what have you been up to, and what they can get from you. All of these require you to have Lakeland video production of some sorts.

Although photos are okay enough for social media visitors, most of them want more—meaning, they want the action that videos can promise. Do you want to showcase how a certain vacuum cleaner works? A picture won’t do justice. You’ve got to produce a video that will highlight the features of that particular item.

Know how to manage your IG account

Personal accounts are quite different from running a business account on IG. You have to be nimble enough with your camera and your smartphone to really manage an IG business account. It’s not enough that you update it every single day, you have to engage with the customers, too—answer their queries, refer them to the right sources, advertise your boutique/online store, and many more.

Balance the use of photos and videos

IG is not the place to post complicated videos, unless you’re teasing the launch of a new product. Use your videos with the right balance—they should be short, concise, and full of information. Do you know  how to include 10 facts about your product in a 30-seconder? That’s why Lakeland video production companies exist. They will be the one to produce these things for you.

Cultivate a huge following

How do you attract people to your account? Use the right hashtags, use relevant photos, follow other people and like their photos, ask an IG celebrity to endorse you, and connect to your other social media accounts. Through your posts, you should help people find you on Instagram.

Use IG videos and post them on your site

Aside from having professionally made videos, you can also shoot a couple videos through your own camera. If there is something worth noting about your product and you don’t have a professional video producer with you, simply point and shoot and upload. This “breaking news” approach will give your customers the feeling that you are always updating them about your business.