Testimonial videos, usually produced by professional Lakeland video production agencies, are a one-two punch of marketing strategy. It combines the two most powerful elements of marketing—a good video (the form) and the testimonial (the content). Testimonials deliver the one thing that customers want in a form they appreciate. What customers are always looking for is a proof, a validation that they’re purchasing the good product. They will only believe it by seeing with their own two eyes that others have done the same.

What do customers want when they purchase a product? They want to make sure. They want to make sure of what? They want to be assured that they are getting a good deal, that they are purchasing a good quality product or service, that the purchase will meet their requirements, and that the company’s promise on advertisement will comply with what the product actually offers.

Consumers want proof. They want proof that other people are thinking about this product the same way that they do. That is why testimonials are so powerful, even more powerful than the recommendations from friends and family. Consumers believe these testimonials because they believe these are people who had experiences with the product and are giving back by recommending it to others.

So, for companies to use testimonial videos to attract customers is a good strategy. Customers naturally believe these testimonials. The reasons why consumers easily believe depends on the experience they had with the company before or with a similar product or with testimonials per se. If they had a bad experience with testimonials, they would have their guard up (though that would not stop companies from using this particular strategy.

The way that a consumer would believe on a testimonial all depends on how these were crafted. Consumers tend to gravitate toward videos that have a personal touch—showing customers using the products or receiving the services, for example. The testimonials should be relevant, digestible, and informative. They should be real because consumers have a way of detecting fakery. In turn, these kinds of testimonials will alienate the target audience.

This is why it’s important for companies to hire a Lakeland video production company that knows what’s it doing, marketing-wise. These agencies are used to the demands of the advertising community, so they know how important it is to invite the right people to give a testimonial and how they should craft these testimonials for the audience’s benefit.