On average, 88 percent of people on the internet spend more time on the website when there are videos to watch. A third of online activity is dedicated to watching videos alone. So, forget about the focus on animations and graphics design. Your website should have a compelling Lakeland video production to grasp these four important goals of any website—attention, emotion, perceived value, and clarity.

If you want to become a successful video marketer, you need to harness the power of these four goals and use them to promote or advertise a business and its products and services.


The most difficult part in creating a video is to catch the audience’s attention. There is no fixed formula on how to get one’s attention, though there are proven strategies that may or may not work, depending on the kind of business you have. One thing is for sure, though, customers hate lengthy sales and product description. If you want to get the audience’s attention, make sure to do it in a way that they want to—through videos. Remember, videos are four times more likely to be watched than a text would be read.


Next to attention, this could be the hardest to do out of all these important goals. Tugging at people’s emotions is hard to do when you only have about a minute to do so. What kind of story can you tell in more or less three minutes? The combination of visuals and sounds will make it an easier process for you. But nonetheless, you need a compelling story to push people to take action. We usually see this kind of marketing videos from advocacy groups.

Perceived value

There is no need to say this, but videos are more expensive than producing texts, right? When your company produced a video for a product or service, more people will notice you and will give you attention because they know you have invested a lot into that video. They may even be persuaded to pay a higher price when they watch the video.


The dual-coding theory of education revealed that people learn more and are more attentive when they information is delivered verbally and visually. That is why we are also now using Lakeland video production in the classroom. As a whole, the population is comprised of 65 percent visual learners and 30 percent auditory learners. If you have a complicated product or service, a video can help you make the audience better understand the concept.