Aerial photography is surprisingly enough, one of the most versatile mediums out there. From commercial, to personal, and even government use, there are dozens of industries and businesses that have found a use for aerial photography and other forms of drone technology.

If you look into how far drone tech has evolved over the years, it seems to have bounced from industry to industry, and eventually settled into a linear form where it is capable of catering to many different types of industries.

Aerial photography has never been limited to just taking attractive photos for our own personal enjoyment, it has its place in the world of business as well. Here are some popular industries that love making use of aerial photography in its line of work.

Event photography

Event photography is one of the most popular applications for drone photography today. Because of how easy it is to get close to the action without having to maneuver through a crowd of people, it has become a natural option to take when documenting large scale events like concerts and festivals.

As long as the drone pilots continue to follow the laws set in place regarding filming with drones in relation to crowds, then this industry won’t be letting up on using drone tech anytime soon.


Sports will always have a place in the heart of humankind. People have always been eager to gather around to watch the latest happenings on sports events like soccer and basketball. Aerial photography and other forms of drone tech have made it much easier for people to observe and see what’s happening at no expense whatsoever to the photography.

This is especially useful for outdoor sporting events that make it hard to get close, like water sporting events. Using drones make it easier for people to see what’s going on without needing a helicopter just to get closer to the action.

Wildlife photography

Wildlife photographers are known to have the patience of saints simply because of how long it takes to get that one perfect shot out in the wild. Drone tech makes their work easier by helping them take a look at natural wildlife behaviour without disrupting them by entering their habitat.


Drone tech is especially useful in helping news networks get firsthand coverage that would be otherwise too dangerous or too difficult to approach through conventional means. This includes coverage on traffic jams, forest fires, and other kinds of occurrences that people need to be updated on, but will risk too much if a reporter has to go to the actual scene of the event.