The average wedding costs around $32,000 with wedding photographers and videographers accounting for 10% to 12% of that total. On average, a Lakeland videographer may charge $3,000 to $4,000 for a wedding event.

No thanks to social media, couples want to shell out as much as they can for their weddings. They want to post their photos and videos on social media to impress their families and friends. Fortunately, there are a lot of options now when it comes to wedding photographers and videographers.

Photographer/Videography Registry Fund

You’ve heard, we’re sure, about a wedding registry. This is where you’ll choose the items you want your guests to give as a gift. You can let them know where to pick up the gifts by sending them a wedding registry card that contains the name of the store/s where you did your registry. How about doing a registry fund for your wedding photography and videography? Guests can chip in through crowdfunding websites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter.

Extended Network

You may have in your network or from your extended network people who are qualified to cover your wedding event. You don’t always need to spend thousands of dollars to hire professional wedding videographers. There are plenty out there who are enthusiastic with photos and videos as professionals but don’t charge thousands of dollars for their service. Stop yourself short from asking them to do the service for free, but ask if they can give you a discount.

Pros and Cons

Ask quotations from all the videographers in the area where you are going to have your wedding. Remember that it is practical to hire wedding suppliers from the location of your wedding venue because bringing in people from out of town will cost a lot. List down the pros and cons of each supplier before making a shortlist of those you need to consider.


This might not lower the cost of the service, but knowing that you hired a qualified and reputable photographer and videographer will make you feel at ease. That is worth a thousand bucks, too. Ask for references. Read online reviews. Seek recommendations from your network. Before hiring a wedding supplier, consider many factors.

Off-Peak Season

If you don’t have that big of a budget to get married, check out the rates during the off-season. They are dramatically different from a wedding that’s going to be held in June or December. That Lakeland videographer you’re eyeing? You can book him for a significantly lower amount.