Drone photography and other forms of drone media are taking the world of photography by storm. Between the unorthodox method of shooting media, and the unique and stunning imagery that it provides, it’s fairly easy to see why.

One of the biggest reasons why drone photography, and drones in general are so popular is because of how easy it is to enter this particular industry, whether you’re a professional photographer looking to include drone photography in their repertoire, or if you’re an amateur looking to experiment with different mediums.

While there are dozens of guides available about getting the perfect shot and piloting techniques, plenty of guides neglect to mention the importance of cleaning and maintaining the quality of your drone.

Your drone is an expensive piece of equipment, and you should take the appropriate steps to properly care for it. Here are some general care and maintenance tips that you can keep in mind.


Cleaning is one of the top things that you should remember to do when it comes to your drone. Your drone is going to be put through some pretty harsh conditions, which means that it’s going to get pretty dirty after a while.

The best way to clean your drone is by putting together your own drone cleaning kit that you can bust out anytime your drone needs cleaning. Some basics to include in your drone are: a cleaning brush, canned air for blowing away debris, a microfiber cloth, and alcohol, or some other circuit friendly cleaning solution. Make sure that you clean your drone regularly to avoid buildup of dirt and debris.


While it might be difficult to perform extensive repair on your drone, you should have a simple repair kit handy for some small repairs.

Extra props and accessories in case yours get damaged in the field, a simple screwdriver set to make sure that everything is in place before take-off, and extra batteries are a great place to start. If your drone is seriously damaged however, it’s highly recommended that you take your drone to a professional to get it fixed.

Take care of your gear and accessories

Always take proper care of your gear. From your propellers to your batteries, every single part of the drone is essential for your drone. After drone photography flights, take off the props and remove the batteries, and clean all of the pieces. Maintenance is the best way to protect your drone from damage.

Don’t push your drone too much

Finally, when taking out your drone for drone photography, avoid pushing your drone to the limit. It is a sturdy piece of technology, but if you keep pushing it beyond its limits, then it’s going to break down pretty soon. Treat it the same way you would any piece of prized photography equipment, and it should last you a long time.