Drone videography and photography services are in high demand right now. The great thing about drone services is that it can be used for all sorts of events and other kinds of application. Whether you’re looking for a cool new wedding video angle, or a unique corporate video, drone videography can provide a stunning perspective that puts a spin on any kind of video.

So with this in mind, you might have been shopping around for drone services for your video needs. You might be a bit surprised at the cost of some of the services that professional drone videographers offer. You have to understand, you’re paying for the cost of the equipment, their time, and their expertise in delivering a high quality product.

If you need some clarification, here is a breakdown on how professionals price their drone videography and photography services.

Price per project

One of the most common ways of pricing a drone videography projects is on a project basis. Simply put, you quote a price based on the actual project itself, based on the clients’ needs, their budget, and what the videographer offers. This is the most flexible pricing option available, as the quoted cost relies on what the specific project needs.

Professional videographers often put together a proposal to give to the client to explain the breakdown of the cost of the project. This proposal often includes the amount of time that the project is expected to take, and what the final product is expected to consist of.

Hourly pricing

Another popular pricing option is charging an hourly rate for the entire duration of the project. Some clients are wary of this type of pricing type because of the belief that companies that make use of this particular pricing option extend the project in order to get more money out of clients.

Reputable drone videography and photography companies will not do this to you. Make sure you look up companies that are well rated, and as much as possible, go with a company that someone you know personally has recommended.

Length of video

Other drone videography companies price their projects according to the length of the final product to be delivered to the client. The longer the video, the more the cost of the project. Some companies add an additional charge for certain post-production services like audio and other professional editing.

Kind of equipment that you’ll need for the project

Sometimes, some drone services companies charge according to the type of equipment that they’ll be using for the project. This isn’t as popular as the aforementioned pricing options, but there are drone companies out there that do use this pricing option.