Putting together a corporate video isn’t easy. After all, a good video can show the public and your audience that you’re a fun and reliable company to work for and trust. If you do it wrong, you risk coming off as bland and well, boring. Nobody wants to work with a company that seems like it’s all work and no play, after all.

So getting the right tone that you’re conveying to viewers is a really important part of getting your video to connect to your audience. So how do you accomplish that? Well, with music, of course. While people are primarily visual learners, audio goes a long way in conveying emotion in viewers. For example, in horror movies, music is used to establish that feeling of dread that you feel right before a big scene is about to happen.

In sad movies, slow, emotional music helps evoke those feelings that cause audiences to tear up. Music is a very powerful medium that can do a lot in connecting with your audiences, so it’s important that you choose the right music for your corporate video. Here are some tips to help you do this.

Choose what kind of tone you’re trying to convey

First things first. If you’re trying to figure out what kind of music best suits the tone of your video, first establish what that mood is going to be. Make sure that the tone of your video reflects the kind of company that you are. Inconsistency can break your customer’s trust very easily. Determining what your video’s tone is helps you narrow down and pinpoint the best music to convey this mood.

What genre best establishes this?

Now that you have determined what kind of tone or mood you want your video to convey, it’s time to choose what genre can help establish this mood. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and experiment with different types of genres that may end up being the perfect piece of music for your corporate video.

Lyrics or no?

Some people prefer using music with lyrics, while others prefer instrumentals for their videos. Either one is fine, but the general rule of thumb is, if there’s plenty of dialogue in your video, you should go with an instrumental so that the music’s lyrics don’t overlap with your video’s audio.

Additional notes:

It’s very important to remember that when choosing music for your corporate video, you should always find royalty-free music, or purchase the license to use the music you choose in your video. If you use copyrighted music without a license, you risk having your video taken down because of copyright issues.