Aerial photography is slowly becoming a popular and fashionable option of documenting events and marketing. It’s undeniable that the aerial photography and videography industry is taking the photography world by storm. You may have been fascinated by the usage of drones and the amazing, and unique perspectives that they offer on an otherwise typical scene.

However, what do you need to get started? You may be a pretty good photographer, but what kind of gear do you need to get started in the drone business? Fret not, we have a pretty simple guide of the basics that you’ll need in order to get started in the aerial photography industry.

A Drone (duh)

Of course, to get started out in drone photography, you’re going to need a decent drone. Since you’re planning on using it as the centerpoint of your aerial photography business, you have to think of it as an investment.

If you want really good quality images, you should look into getting a drone with a 4K camera. Remember, this is the most important piece of equipment that you’ll need for your business, so don’t rush into it. Do your research, and take your time finding the drone that is a good balance of your budget, needs, and comfort.

A Case

You already know that you’ve spect quite a lot on a drone, so are you just going to stash it in any old bag when you lug it from project to project? No, you buy a great carrying case for it! You might be dealing with all kinds of terrain and environments during your projects, so you should get a good carrying case to transport your drone around in.

In addition to being a great way to store your drone, it’s also a convenient way of keeping all of your gear in one place so that you don’t accidentally forget anything.

Memory (A Lot of It)

If you’re familiar with the photography industry, you probably already know about this one. When you’re starting out in the media industry, not just the aerial photography one, you’re going to need plenty of memory. And we mean A LOT.

You might need several takes of the same shot, and if you have a drone that shoots high definition footage, you’re going to find yourself switching out cards regularly. Not only that, you’re going to need a few hard drives to store all of that footage. So stock up, to be sure.


Drones being used for aerial photography are notorious for having very limited battery limits. The most expensive drones have an average flight time of about thirty minutes, max. So stock up on plenty of batteries, especially if you think you’re going to have projects that are going to take you to locations where it’s going to be hard to find a convenient place to charge.