A script is always an important part of your corporate video. This is the medium that you use to convey your message to viewers, and help them understand your company’s mission and goals.

There are instances where a script isn’t needed for a corporate video, for example, during a customer testimonial, but if you really want your company’s message to get across, then you definitely need to plan for a script.

Company videos have a reputation for being bland and boring, so most companies want to avoid that when having their own company videos made. To help avoid that stereotype, it’s highly recommended that you create an engaging, yet informative script that viewers will be interested in.

But how can you do that? Here’s a few tips to help you get started on writing the script for your corporate video.

Objectives first

Like with any important process, always ask yourself first what you’re trying to achieve with this script. It seems like it should be a straightforward thing, but you need to understand the objectives behind the video script and why you’re creating a company video in the first place. Fleshing out all of these details helps you with direction to take when you’re in the actual process of creating the script itself.

Tell a story

Don’t just jump into talking about how great your company is and what you aim to accomplish. Ease into it, and tell a story with your video script. Even if you’ve identified what the main messages of your script are, it would be hard for viewers to follow if you just jumped right into it.

Use your script to tell a simple story that incorporates your company’s goals and objectives in a way that it’s easy for them to understand and for them to care about.

Don’t get too technical

Even if you’re talking about your company and the industry that it’s in, always avoid getting too technical with the language that you’re using in your corporate video.

Using technical language is one of the biggest culprits behind why people find company videos dull. Use simple terms that they keep up with, and help them understand your industry. This helps establish a deeper connection with your viewers.

Never, ever make your script too long

In addition to not getting too technical with your video, don’t make it too long. Online users tend to have limited attention spans, and your goal is to engage with them in as short a timespan as possible. As much as possible, keep it under three minutes, and not a second past. Make every second of your corporate video count.