Creating cool YouTube videos is no longer a hobby for the millennials. Now, these videos are being utilized by companies to promote their business and market their products and services to consumers. They are now hiring professional Lakeland video production company to create a corporate video that would be posted on the homepages of their websites.

Here are the five important types of corporate video you should consider:

Company profile

This is the most common and essential corporate video out there. It usually includes a message from the CEO, other top officials and industry experts about the company’s mission and vision. They can show short video clips or pictures of the enterprise to make consumers aware of what they are aiming for and how the company operates. This type of video helps reach a common ground with the people within and beyond your target market.

Online commercial

This one differs from actual broadcast commercials that merely run for 30 to 60 seconds. Online commercials are usually low budget, but has a good storytelling–an important component for a Lakeland video production to go viral on social media networks. Small- and medium-sized businesses are now utilizing this type of corporate video.

Industrial video

For example, you have an asphalt paving business. How do you explain to your clients the process of building asphalt roads and driveways? How technical can you get? An industrial video will help reach out to your consumers. It will make them understand the jargons and the technicalities of your business. These videos are designed to be informative about products, services and industry trends. They are usually used during trade shows to attract more investors.


This type of video is very similar to how online commercials work. They showcase products and services. However, these are not necessarily made only for online consumption. Some of these videos end up being in DVDs to be distributed to consumers. They can also be packaged with other media and shared on social media.

Customer testimonial

Just how many testimonial videos you have seen on TV? This is also being utilized by Lakeland video production companies because they actually work. This is one of the best ways to promote your business because potential customers want to hear from other clients who already tested and tried your products or services. This is fast becoming a favorite among marketing professionals since they want to know if the products and services you are offering lived up to the promotional claims.