One of the most powerful Lakeland video production is the testimonial video. This is when a customer needs to give a testimonial on the products and services that your company offers. They would have to tell their “review” about the products and services in a video format. Many businesses use this neat little trick to convince other clients that other customers trust and believe in their products and services.

However, it’s not always easy to convince customers that they should give you a positive review of the products that they bought. It’s not only a matter of time constraint, but others are camera-shy, too. Here’s how you can convince them:

Provide excellent products or services

If you provide excellent products and exceptional services to your customers, you won’t have to convince them to leave a testimonial video on your website or even allow your team to take a video of them using said products. They would jump at the chance of leaving a positive review for your company because they would want you to succeed. After all, if you do not, you might tank and they won’t be able to have access to your great products anymore.

Don’t force them

The key is not to force the positive review out of your customers. Allow them to have their own opinions. If you are confident about the kind of products you provided, you would not have to worry about them. You would be sure that your customers only have the highest regard for your company and that they would leave the most positive comments there are about your business.

Be open to their suggestions

Not just because they liked your products or your services means they won’t have any negative reactions toward it. Sometimes, even after receiving good treatment from the business staff, some customers have still something to say or even to suggest. Maybe they want your office to be a little cooler? Or they think it’s a little shabby? Whatever it is, be open to their suggestions and assure them that you respect such suggestions and that you will study how to address these issues.

Consider giving them discounts or freebies

Since you cannot force your customers to give video testimonials, maybe they would be more open to the idea if they are compensated well such as a discount the next time they go to your shop or freebies because of the products that they purchased.