If you have a business running on a social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook, we are sure that you are using a video production to attract customers and make more sales. Are you using your video production right? Are you uploading the right videos that will entice your customers to purchase products from your company?

Video production is a major tool that we use now to retain old customers and attract new ones. No matter where you look at social media these days, high-quality photos and videos are being uploaded, some of them going so far as to be viral.

That, in a sense, is what we’re aiming after as business people. We want these videos to become viral videos, to reach an audience far and wide, and to entice customers to try out the products and services you are offering.

Showcase your products and services

It’s not enough for you to upload photos of your products and services. Your audience wants something more—they want videos. They want to see how to use your products and how important it is to have these products in their lives.

You have to feature the products, show how to use them, and attract customers based on how trendy they are and how “extra” the products will make them feel once bought.

Engage with customers

Customers are more likely to comment, like, and share your posts if they contain video materials. Netizens are incredibly visual people. They don’t spend five minutes to read an article. They read memes. They watch short videos that are straight to the point. The only way to reach them and to engage with them is to post videos about your products and services.

Provide useful information about the business

Your products and services are not the only things that your customers are interested in when it comes to your business. They want to know how your business started, too.

They want to know your business’ advocacies, your corporate social responsibility projects, and the way you run the company in general. You can share tidbits about your company and humanize your business.

Stand out from your competition

Not all businesses in the same industry will be focused on social media as an advertising platform. Some will still be stuck doing traditional advertising methods.

Stand out from the rest of the pack by pioneering marketing campaigns that are based on the social media culture and the behavior of your potential audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like.