Gone are the days when employers need to meet with their new hires one by one and introduce the company to them. Because most business owners or managers are busy meeting with investors and clients, they barely have the time to meet face-to-face with their employees and create a lasting working relationship with them. Thankfully, a corporate video has become a trendy way to reach out to your employees and brief them about the company that they are now working for.

Introduce yourself

The first thing you need to do in the corporate videos is to introduce yourself. Tell the new hire about who you are and what you do for the company. Tell him something about your background, both in education and in the industry.

Then, begin explaining what your expectations are from this new employee and how you are looking forward to meeting him in person and working closely with him on the various projects your company has.

Tell them a little history of the company

Then, you need to brief them about the company—how it started, where it began, how it grew and developed, and what goals are it is trying to achieve. It’s important that an employee understands where a company comes from and what its goals are for the future.

This will enable them to strive harder to reach these goals and to work together with other employees in the company to bring the company to success.

Brief them on important company policies

Every company has its own policies that they follow. Under the umbrella of state laws and guidelines, a company can craft its own policies and rules that will be in accordance with federal laws.

To work harmoniously together, employees need to understand how important it is to follow company policies and to work together to reach the company’s goals. Following these rules will also help you achieve your personal goals within the industry as you will impress your employers and maybe even clinch that coveted promotion.

Enumerate the benefits of working with you

Tell your employees what kind of benefits and compensation they will be receiving by working with you through corporate video. Enumerate the benefits of working in your company and what kind of personal growth they can achieve within the framework of your company.

Employees like hearing and confirming the compensation they are expected to receive by signing a contract with you. This information will empower them to work and strive harder.