People using drones to shoot aerial photography at live events is becoming a common sight. After all, drones are great way of documenting live events from a great perspective. It’s also a great way of getting closer to the action and taking excellent shots without having to worry about maneuvering the crowds.

However, like with traditional photography at concerts and other events, it’s not as simple as taking your drone to the events and taking photos as you please. If it’s hard enough to bring a camera to a concert, it’s going to be even harder to take a drone. It may be difficult, but not entirely impossible. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re looking to shoot some aerial photography at the next live event at your area.

Ask permission

Before anything else, if you’re planning on shooting photography at live events, especially aerial photography, you must always ask permission from the organizers first. It’s a great opportunity to get some great shots, but it’s not your event, so you should always ask permission.

Perhaps they’ve hired their own drone pilot to take shots for them, and having multiple drones flying around the area can be problematic. If they refuse, you have to respect their decision. This step is non-negotiable, not only is it rude to not ask permission from event organizers, it’s bordering on dangerous and illegal.

The event organizers and performers will not anticipate the drone, and it will end up causing all kinds of problems.

Take note of drone safety regulations

If you have the green light to take aerial shots of the event, then great! The next step is to always take note of safety regulations. Number one, if the live event is indoors, all bets are off. You can’t fly your drone indoors.

Number two, you are not allowed to fly your drone within 150 meters above any crowds. Third, always keep your drone within your line of sight. These rules may seem like they’re putting a damper on things, but you have to remember that these rules are in place to protect the general population, and the drone pilot.

Plan out your shots

Now that you have a basic rundown on the rules of shooting aerial photography, it’s time to plan out your shots. Make sure that when preparing your flight plan, you don’t end up violating any of the rules mentioned above. It is still possible to get great shots of the event without flying near people. Make sure you use the tools you have strategically, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.