Photography and videography has come a long way from being a simple form of documentation for events and special occasions. More and more businesses are choosing to invest in professional photography and videography services as a way to enhance their online marketing services, as well as their SEO.

Visual content is one of the easiest and effective ways that you can engage with your users, and they are more likely to appreciate professional quality content. However, it’s not just enough that you have good quality photography and videography content.

You need to learn how to use this to your advantage, or it will never actually reach your users. Here are some ways that you can use professional photography and videography in order to enhance your online marketing and SEO strategy.

Engaging, high-quality content

We don’t mean high quality in terms of image quality, we’re talking about informational quality. Basically, you want the photography and videography content that you put out on your website to provide your users with valuable information that they can actually use.

Plan out the content that you’re planning to use on your site to make sure that it is engaging, and provides something of value to your users. Otherwise, it ends up as clutter on your website.

Share on social media

The biggest reason why photography and videography content is a great way to boost your online marketing strategy is because of how easy it is to share your content across your social media platforms.

Almost everyone has a social media account, and if you create engaging content, your followers and users are more likely to share it with their friends, allowing for your content to be shared across a very wide network in a short amount of time.

Alt-text for SEO

If you’re going to be including visual content on your website, for SEO purposes, make sure that you include alt-tags and information with these. Because search engine crawlers can’t crawl visual content, they rely on alt-tags to tell them what the content is. Content management systems make it very easy for site owners to include alt text in their visual content.

Combine visuals with written content

Another way to boost your SEO with your photography and videography, aside from using alt-text is by making sure that the visual content on your website, like videos and info-graphics, are accompanied by written content. Remember what we said about how search engine bots can’t crawl visuals?

Providing written content about the visual content helps give the bots something to process in order to help rank your site. Don’t copy the visual content’s information word for word, make sure that you discuss and break down the information that is on the visual content in order to provide additional, high-quality information for your users.