Hiring a professional videographer for your wedding is something that plenty of couples are on the fence on. Because there is already a photographer for the wedding, couples believe that there is no need for a professional videographer. However, you have to understand that video is a completely different medium compared to photography.

Video can be used to capture candid moments that are too quick to capture on film, and are memories that you might be wanting to keep for the rest of your lives. Photos are staged, and look great on your mantelpiece, but video is something that you want when you want to remember the memories of your special day.

So if you’ve decided to hire a professional video production for your wedding, then that’s great. We’re going to talk to you about how you’re supposed to treat your videographer in order to get the best quality footage. Of course, if you’ve hired a reputable video production house, they will stand by the quality of their work, no matter what.

But if you and your videographer have a good rapport going on, then you’ll have footage that is on a whole other level because of the extra effort put in. Here is a guide on how to treat your videographer well on your wedding.

Treat them like a guest

Some wedding couples and guests tend to treat wedding vendors as part of the help, and become exceedingly demanding from them. While you did hire a professional to document your wedding, try to treat them as a part of the wedding party.

They deserve a little professional courtesy, and as an added bonus, they manage to build a better rapport with you and your wedding guests if they’re allowed to approach the other guests. Also, extend them the courtesy of a break where they can eat a full meal, at the very least.

Keep them in the loop

Another way to work well with your videographer is by keeping them in the loop with the wedding events. While professionals are good at adapting to situations, they will have an easier time with documentation if they know what’s going to happen next. Provide them with a full itinerary of the day’s events, including speeches and any surprise performances for the bride and groom.

Respect their creative output

Remember that you hired a professional video production house for a reason. Respect their creative outputs because at the end of the day, they know what’s best for your wedding footage. If you think that something else needs changed, then ask them in a respectful manner why they decided to go with that creative decision.