A career as a videographer is something that a lot of people are thinking of nowadays. Because of the advances in technology, video production is becoming more and more popular nowadays. In fact, it has been found that video is the most popular form of media content that is being consumed by online users today and is, in fact, the most popular and effective form of video marketing.

Creative mediums like photography and videography are quickly finding their place among the modern technology of today and are used for other things other than being something to look at. It is the influence of all of these factors that have led to the encouragement of video production as a viable career choice.

However, if you plan to make a splash as a videographer, you’re going to need the right gear. Here are some of the basics in terms of gear you’re going to need as an aspiring videographer.


Of course, the most important thing you’re going to need as a video production professional is a decent camera to capture all of your shots and footage. There is no one camera that fits everybody, it’s all a matter of what your personal preferences and what you’re looking for in a camera.

It’s important to note that you don’t need the latest and more expensive gear on the market. If you’re just starting out, thinking with this mentality can lead to eventual failure. Just find a decent camera that suits your needs, and if you find something you like better in the future, then feel free to go with that one.


A lot of people mistakenly assume that the lens comes with the camera and that this isn’t something that they have to worry about. You should know that different lenses can serve different purposes when it comes to shooting video.

The lens that you usually get with your camera is a stock lens and is good for general work, but if you’re planning on taking videography as a profession, you’re going to be more well-rounded with your shots. In order to do that you’re going to need different lenses to serve different purposes.

Tech and storage

Of course, post-production is very important, so you need to know what programs you’re going to need in order to process your shots during post-production.

You also need to look into what kind of tech you’re going to need for this step. A strong computer is typically the norm when it comes to processing your shots during post-production.

Secondly, you have to buy plenty of memory cards and hard drives so that you have somewhere to store your content. Never skimp out on your memory gear for the sake of saving a few dollars. That is the fastest way to end up with corrupted files and the loss of hours of hard work.