Corporate video has become an industry standard as of late. No longer are these videos a trend followed only by big companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Target, and many more.

They are now in every industry, whether small or big, and small- and medium-sized companies are investing like crazy in making corporate videos because these can promote their businesses in a big way.

Here are the 6 types of corporate videos and how to distinguish them from one another:

Company profile

This video can help any business that is new to the market. The video aims to introduce the company to your market and stakeholders and explain the various products and services that you are offering. The video can last from one minute to three minutes. It should be short and informative.


Promotional videos intend to promote a product or service either through traditional broadcasting or online. It should improve brand recognition so make sure that your company logo is visible in the video, which needs to be entertaining to grab the viewers’ attention.

Industrial video

An industrial video is like a promotional video, except that the former is aimed at a specific industry, at people with certain knowledge and skills about what you are selling. An example is an industrial video about a new high-tech printer aimed at those who work in a publication or tarpaulin-printing industries.

Internal communication

Videos are a great tool to spread information across a big organization. Usually, these videos are used to explain a company policy, reflect on a milestone, discuss a new project, or introduce a new boss. They are shown either to employees or to clients.


A recruitment video aims to attract skilled workers and talent. Typically, they must show the personality and culture of the company so they can bring in like-minded individuals.

They are targeted towards a specific set of people with skills that the company is looking for. These videos can be uploaded on social media, on job sites, or on the company’s own website.

How-to videos

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, then you have watched the seatbelt videos. What do you think about it? How-to videos are a great way to show the clients and customers how the product or the service can be used.

It can also help your employees (especially new ones) learn more about the products and services you are selling. Upload it on your website so customers and employees alike can access it when they are at home.