After you have already completed your Lakeland video production for your company, it’s time to publish it and see if it will yield easy and fast results. But how would you know that your corporate video has become beneficial for your business?

Unless you use professional analytics, every tiny result that the corporate video will yield is simply subjective and will depend on your understanding of your company. For some people, a boost in sales may be because of a marketing strategy they just employed while some see this as a result from a corporate video they published.

Here are quick pointers on how to find out your corporate video benefited your company:

Customers tell you themselves

They’ll either tell you directly or they’ll show you by the numbers. If you uploaded your Lakeland video production on YouTube, then you’ll be able to see the number of views and the comments about your video. No comments mean bad news. You should want to see comments, even negative ones. This will only show that your video made an impact on the intended audience.

And remember, when it comes to marketing and public relations, there is no such thing as bad news. If you have a pretty good grasp of how to deal with customers, then you won’t have any problem turning the bad news into good news.


If your video is really successful, you will probably receive inquiries from potential customers. Your video should attract and heighten the interest of your clients. You will know if it has made an impact once you start receiving inquiries from customers, and they refer to your video as the reason why they chose your company.

Trending on social media

The clearest way to know if you were successful in producing an impactful corporate video is when it trends on social media. You may get the ball to start rolling by including a hashtag on your video, so that viewers and potential clients can use the same hashtag when they comment on and share your videos. When your video trend on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, this is the best indication that you were successful and probably even effective.

Boost in sales

Finally, this is what you have been waiting for–a boost in sales. This is the perfect and the intended result of having a corporate video for your business. You’ll know that your business had a boost in sales that can be related to your corporate video when the timing falls in the same period. That is why it’s important to make all of these marketing and advertising strategies within a definite timeline.