For a Lakeland video production to be truly successful, you will have to have a steady stream of great ideas that will last you throughout the whole production and the run of the video campaign. If you search on the internet, there’s a whole host of amazing ideas that you can get inspiration from.

However, we’ve compiled some of these inspirations to help you think about the kind of corporate video you want for your business.


One of the most successful video campaigns use humor in their corporate video. If the business owner has a funny side to him/her, this is the best time to let it out. Humor makes the video interesting and appealing. In fact, as long as it’s clean humor, even the kids might be interested in hearing what you have to say about your company over and over again.

Case study

Nowadays, people don’t simply get attracted by advertisements. They are, in fact, wary about advertisements and what they may mean. They are more dependent on the reviews they see on social media, as well as the recommendations of their friends. Harness this trend and make it work for you. In your video, you have to show how your product/service benefitted the client. You can even follow the client around, and see how your company made his/her life better and easier.

Video series

If you’ve got too many information about your company and products, don’t put them in one video and expect your clients to be able to understand them all. Make a series of video about your company–first, detailing what you’re all about and the next videos should focus on the products and services. As long as your next video is catchy, the audience will wait for the succeeding ones.

Backstage pass

Make a behind-the-scenes video, and allow your customers to see how you work as a team. Think of this as a backstage pass. You can tour the audience/customers around the headquarters or the various facilities your company has. This kind of video does not intend to help sell a product or a service. Instead, it wants the client to get to know the company on a deeper level.


People are often miffed by business with annoying staff. So, why not show through your Lakeland video production how friendly your staff is? Work with some of your customers and let them testify how easy it is to transact with your company.