How well do we know ourselves? Are we all in the habit of checking ourselves from time to time, whether we’re enjoying the important things and frustrating ourselves about stuff we don’t have any control over? Review your camera roll because that will tell a story about how you are treating life and the memories you make while living it. Some of the best stories of our days are immortalized in photography and videography. Thanks largely to the ubiquitous smartphones, every memory can now be captured and forever remembered through photos and videos.


As we go through life, we age and we go through different moods. Take a look back at your photos from when you were just starting in the work industry. Aren’t you more carefree and relaxed? Isn’t your smile more natural? Now, take a look at your most recent photo, when you’re a little older and life has taken its toll on you.

Aren’t you more matured? Your smiles more reserved? Your selfies tell the best stories about where you are in your life—whether you’re happy, frustrated, pressured, grateful, or contented.


Our love affair with food will never stop. Even the pickiest eater in the world will take photos of the Instagrammable food chefs are dishing out from their kitchens.

What more, we are prouder when we do manage to whip up something from our own kitchens. We take photography and videography of the food from every angle imaginable, proud of the fact that we managed to squeeze in time to prepare something for ourselves or our families.


Daily commute is part of our lives. Either we live in a city whose traffic is managed well (is there one?) or we live in Los Angeles or New York where traffic has become a way of life.

And while we’re on the bus or behind the wheel stuck in traffic, we usually take photography and videography of how abysmal the situation is to post on our Facebook accounts and warn friends not to pass by the same route.

Work and workmates

Who do we see every day consistently? Our workmates, of course! At times, you will feel like you spend more time with them than your own family, and that’s partly true because you are “required” to be in your office while the moment you arrive in your home, you are dead tired and do not have the energy to bond with your family (although, please manage your time wisely). So, we take photos of our workmates who will eventually become some of our most trusted and treasured friends.