When it comes to starting a small business that revolves around video production, there are now more choices and options than ever. Thanks to social media, videos are more ubiquitous than photos. We see videos all the time—of newscasts, of internet memes, of dogs carrying the groceries, of travel blogs, of weddings and birthdays, and of various other mementos in life. If you already have the equipment and you’re just looking to build your portfolio and impress your clientele, here are some great ideas for you.


Video bloggers, or vloggers, are influential social media personalities who use the platform to create blogs about their daily lives, their travels, fashion, lifestyles, and everything under the sun. They make money through ads, sponsored content, and selling products. There are two ways to earn through vloggers—you can be a vlogger yourself (just find something to talk about) or you can be hired as a video producer for a popular local vlogger.

YouTube partner

YouTube, as you well know, is the most popular video-sharing site in the world wide web. This is the outlet that people use to view and share videos. It also generates a lot of money through ads and it shares this opportunity with you, video producers, who want to earn money by posting videos on the site.

AdSense business

You can also make very specific videos that you then post to websites where you host ads from AdWords or a similar platform that allows you to make money through ad revenue.

Wedding videography

Weddings videos are so popular these days. Couples pay a lot of money for a videographer to capture their special day. The range can be between $2,000 to $20,000. That’s a lot of money for a small business, and you can use this money as capital for future ventures.

Drone videography

The popularity of drones also opened another door of opportunity for a video production business. You can offer this as an add-on service. Some real estate companies love the idea of showing off the landscape of their properties to clients. They want clients to get a real feel of where the property is located and how serene the environment is.

YouTube influencer

Just like a vlogger, you can make money not only through ads but by working with brands that are relevant to your chosen niche. Are you passionate about sports? Fashion? Movies? Arts? Do you know you can make money by simply facing the camera and talking about your ideas and opinions? Of course, you need to be engaging and not boring at all.