Uploading YouTube videos is no longer a trendy marketing strategy for young entrepreneurs. No, it is now part of a serious advertising strategy that will help your business be better known in the industry it is in. With over a billion unique views each month, it’s no wonder YouTube is the platform of choice for Lakeland video production. Where else can you upload videos for free and have a massive audience with access to it?

Corporate videos, as we now call them, appeal to different audiences in various ways. They are not merely here to inform. They should also entertain, educate and even inspire.

Here are the different types of corporate videos you can use on your website:

Company profile

This is the best way to introduce your company to potential customers. You should include a message from the CEO and other top officials, so that they can reach a wider audience–within and beyond their actual target market.

By giving an overview of the company’s mission and vision, as well as a little tour of the enterprise, customers will have a clear-cut view of the company’s purpose.

Broadcast commercial

This is an expensive but highly effective way to market your company. Just make sure your commercial will be aired on a popular television time slot, and you’ll be good to go. However, do not build your strategy solely on broadcast commercials, especially if you don’t have a huge budget for it.

Broadcast commercials can only be truly effective through repetitive airing on TV. And as you very well know, this is quite expensive.

Online commercial

Online commercials differ from broadcast commercials because the former is not hindered by 30 or 60 seconds. All online commercials have to do is create a good storyline, and there’s a good chance the commercial will go viral.

They are also cheaper than TV commercials because they can be made by amateurs, and there are minimal technical requirements. Small and medium enterprises favor this kind of Lakeland video production.


An industrial corporate video is addressed to audiences within a particular industry. They aim to show off products, services and industry trends.

These kinds of corporate videos are mostly used in trade shows, exhibits and even fundraising. They can even be used for business-to-business marketing.

Promotional videos

These are very similar to online videos, except for the fact that they are not only used online. They can also be distributed in DVDs, as part of a product package, and can be shared on social media sites.