The past couple of years saw the amazing transformation of Lakeland video production from a complete unknown in the industry of advertising and marketing to finding its own niche in the world of promotions. It isn’t so surprising, really, considering how easily distracted people can be.

Though at times expensive, video productions remain to be a favorite among professional advertisers for the simple reason that it gets message across. There’s no need for fancy PR writing or to pay for valuable airtime on radio and television. The videos will sell the products like hotcakes… as long as you or the producer know how to catch the viewer’s attentions.

Here are five strategies you can use on your Lakeland video production:

Publishing schedule

Spacing the videos out is important because it will build excitement for your viewers and potential customers. Make a schedule that your production team can meet. Make your video a series, leading up to the big reveal or big launch of a product or service. Continue to strategize, so that your customers will not forget about your business long after you have aired all promotional tools.

Micro videos

If you are familiar with Vine and Instagram, then you may have noticed that they allow short videos to be published on their site. This strategy can be used by businesses who want to get the attention of the millennials, those who spend an insane amount of time on their social media accounts. Short videos allow such to be shared and viewed easily.


While it may seem like you’re giving away free knowledge, it’s not. Keep on producing tutorials and how-to’s, so that your customers will keep coming back for the next lesson in the series. If you’re selling makeup products, why not give styling and makeup tips and techniques?

Customer-generated content

Instead of having to produce all videos on your own, why not allow your customers to make one of their own? That will make your business more interesting and it will also show you what catches their attention. Invite your customers to send their videos, and offer a prize for the best one out of the batch.

Call to action

Believe it or not, but many business owners and video producers forget to include a call to action in their campaign. Even if your customers listened to what the Lakeland video production is saying, it still wouldn’t make sense if they don’t know what to do after watching the video. It can be as simple as flashing a coupon code on the screen, just make sure it’s there.