Two or three years ago, the prospect of creating a Lakeland video production seems daunting. There isn’t much we know about it, except that it helps people get to know your business a little better. Yet now, videos (long or short) are practically everywhere. They’re on TV. They’re on the internet and social media, specifically.

Studies said that by 2017, 74 percent of all internet traffic will be because of videos. In fact, as early as this year, there have been amazing results by just using the word “video” on the subject line of an email–reduced unsubscribed rates and increased click-through and open mails.

Why is there such a hype with Lakeland video production? Is it merely a hype, after all?

Facebook increased its video infrastructure

Facebook is pushing boundaries when it comes to creating videos and providing a platform to view them. The website said that its viewing rates doubled from four billion to eight billion in a span of one year. This increase is now being feasted upon by advertisers who want to cash in from this amazing phenomenon. Even better is that Facebook introduced its picture in picture viewing, which allows users to watch videos while browsing their newsfeed. It is also working to have a dedicated video stream that will only show videos from your network.

SEO benefits

Search results are the foundation of every successful corporate video. If your videos turned up on the search results, they are more likely to be viewed by your potential customers. Videos, fortunately, are well-loved by SEOs, as well as other forms of rich media. The fact that Google owns YouTube shouldn’t escape you, too.

Easy to digest

The internet is chock full of information that people browsing it are loaded with more details than they care to remember. Having a video as promotional material for your business is a breath of fresh air among those that are overwhelming you with sometimes useless information. The extra challenge is to make your videos interesting and exciting.

Viral prospect

Videos, more than written content, are easier to share and reshare. That’s why videos are the best way to showcase your products, services, expertise, company announcements, and many more. The marketing of your business happens as soon as a few people get interested and shared your videos with their network. Instead of having to post the videos on tons of website, you can be assured that they will reach your potential market as long as you made an interesting and entertaining one.