Are you bored out of your wits by your eight-to-five desk job? Do you want to do something that will bring out your creative juices? The truth is, not many of us are lucky enough to find our great passions in life. Some go their whole lives without loving what they do. If you feel that you have the skills, the passion, the dream, and the tenacity to become a videographer then, by all means, pursue it and never let go, no matter how insane some may think you are.

Of course, that does not mean you’d go at all lengths (even immoral and criminal) to become a videographer. What we mean is you should be ready for the sacrifices you have to make. You should realize by now that being a videographer is no easy feat and that the road to being one is froth with challenges.

If you are not ready to take the financial plunge into being a freelance videographer without the promise of a steady income, what you should do is find a day job and do videography on the side.

Sure, you will lose sleep and probably give up a lot of your personal time but you will be able to do something you love and pay the bills at the same time.

Don’t be stuck doing videography as a hobby, though. Learn to save up so you can eventually do videography full time.

But much more than the money involved in falling in love with producing videos, you should think about the kind of work you will be required to do once you have become a videographer. For one, if you have a family, you might have to leave them to attend and cover out-of-town events.

These events might even happen during the holidays when people want to get married or have a party. Is that the kind of sacrifice you are willing to do for your dream?

Second, you have to spend an inordinate amount of time building your portfolio and marketing your services to your prospective clients. That includes posting on social media, engaging with possible clients, answering emails and text inquiries, and going on shoots that you can include in your portfolio. Again, the time it will take to bring all these into fruition will cut into your personal and family time.

Third, you have to expand your network. You have to bridge and cultivate relationships that will be beneficial to your work as a videographer.

You may have to attend industry events and be active in online forums that gather videographers of different skill levels. Again, all of these will take time and if you are not ready for the sacrifice, think twice before entering this industry.