The challenge for every Lakeland videographer is to book his first gig. But booking and landing the first gig is not that easy. There are many competitions in the market and it takes a lot to be different from all the other videographers offering the same services.

Don’t Charge Too Much

You’re a first-time Lakeland videographer. There’s a reason why clients aren’t lining up outside your door. You are not known in the business yet, but you charge as much as those well-known videographers. If you want people to give you a chance to prove yourself, you need to lower down your fees.

Is this your primary source of income? Then, at least for now, you have to find something from which you can earn a more stable income. Think of this first few months as an investment. Once you’ve made people believe in your skills and talents, you’ll find it easier to book appointments.

Be Communicative

Communication is the key to success to all business transactions. You don’t always have to say yes to all the requests of potential clients just to get them to sign up with you.

If you communicate well and explain your reasons for your fees and other such items, they will appreciate the honesty and respect shown to them. This could cause them to want to work with you and book you for their project.

Even when you’ve already closed the deal, communication is an integral part of your relationship with the client—whether it’s to show how well you understand the process or to ensure future projects in the future will go your way. Take the time out to hone your communication skills and you’ll find it’s easier to connect with any prospective clients.

Offer More Services

You can set your fees along with the same range as your more experienced competitors but because you’re just a beginner in the industry, you have to offer more services and inclusions in the package.

If the standard package includes five hours of videography, a couple of lights men and audio technician, and a DVD copy of the raw footage and edited version, maybe you should include more services such as aerial photography and videography.

Clients are always looking to get something more from a Lakeland videographer. If you want to be the “chosen one,” you need to be a standout. You need to bring more to the table. Otherwise, you’re just another name in an industry already filled with more videographers and photographers than we know what to do with.